New method for signing transfers and documents for private individuals

Dear clients,

To make your banking even easier we created DSK mToken.

DSK mToken is a mobile application for smart devices with Android and iOS operation system and can be used for signing of transfers and documents, sent via the internet banking DSK Direct for private individuals and the mobile banking DSK Smart.

DSK mToken meets the highest security standards, while combining a number of other benefits and opportunities, such as:

- Installing and activation of DSK mToken on one or more devices is free of charge;

- You do not have to carry an extra device - DSK mToken is installed directly on your phone;

- Confirm the operation quickly and securely - with a short PIN or biometric identification;

- It has a high degree of security - two-factor protection of the performed operation;

- Supports offline mode - you can sign money transfers, sent via the internet banking DSK Direct, even if your phone is not connected to the Internet.

We hope the new service will give you one more reason to use DSK Bank's electronic banking channels.

You can request DSK mToken at any DSK Bank office.

DSK mToken mobile application will be available for business clients from the beginning of September.



DSK Bank Team

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